Under 14s County Chess Champion | Newsletter

On Sunday 25th November, I was awarded the title of Staffordshire County Chess champion for Under 14’s. I went to Newcastle (under Lyme) to play this and I competed in six arduous games in total. After a very long day of chess I had won the most matches. As a result, I was awarded the title for the sixth consecutive year. It was a brilliant experience and I think it is a skill that helps me with many things I do.

I have been playing chess for approximately seven years and (just like most people who start) I wasn’t very enthusiastic about it at first. I used to watch my parents play and I was always keen to join in. As I started understanding the patterns and tactics of chess, it developed my comprehension of the game- which made me join a chess club. After that, I began to enjoy chess very much and by the age of eight I had won the Staffordshire County trophy. Then, when I was eleven, I started to play for the England team! It is important to be able to learn to play chess as it aids concentration levels and assists with identifying patterns. Everyone should consider learning chess and it’s also very enjoyable!

By Amrissa Johal 9.1